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Book Three in the Anna Klein Trilogy


In February of 1946, the US Army Monuments Men’s Collecting Point opens its doors for an exhibition to share its vast art holdings with an eager and weary German public. But it’s more than curious art lovers who come through the doors. When a destitute artist with a dubious story appeals to translator Anna Klein for help with finding paintings he sold before the war, she and her boss Captain Henry Cooper reconstruct a paper trail that leads from Munich to Berlin to Wiesbaden to uncover the truth of what happened to his work, and to him. But, even as Anna’s star has risen with the US Army, the looming redeployments and staff changes threaten to take away Cooper and her treasured job, even as more secrets about the past come to light and pull the rug out from her carefully rebuilt world. Once again, forces beyond her control alter the landscape of her life, and Anna is confronted with finding a path forward that will not only set wrongs to right, but also help her find a way home.

2022 Gold Medal for Historical Fiction, Independent Publisher IPPY Awards 
"That Which Remains is a triumphant conclusion to the riveting Anna Klein trilogy. Yetmen gives us suspense, intrigue, and romance as Anna traps the surviving WWII German art thieves while swooning with caution for our Monuments Man Captain Cooper. An entertaining path to understanding art restitution challenges that are still with us today. Anna rightly portends: 'Fifty years from now, people are still going to be looking for their paintings...' It is a story of grit and determination to do right as Anna faces her complex past and protects her family. She conjures our empathy for the hardship the German families endured while grappling with collective guilt. This enthralling climax to the series has all the trappings of a great summer read: complex WWII history, requited love, and the chance to live through the eyes of a passionate woman as she grows into the person the reader can applaud."

Claudia Fontaine Chidester, author of Trusted Eye: Post-World War II Adventures of a Fearless Art Advocate

"This compelling conclusion to the Anna Klein Trilogy populates the art collecting point in 1945 Wiesbaden with our favorite characters, plus several new ones, once again bringing to life my own father's experience in post-war Germany. "

Louis Rorimer, son of WW II Monuments Man James J. Rorimer

"C.F. Yetmen's ambitious trilogy remembers the passion and sacrifice of those who restored Nazi pillage for future generations. A page-turning combination of art mystery and will-they-won't-they chemistry, That Which Remains represents its own unique artistry in historical fiction."

David Marion Wilkinson, author of Not Between Brothers and Oblivion's Altar
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