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Video of Claudia and me chatting about art, writing, Germany and the overlooked work of women

My friend Claudia Chidester and I talked about our WWII art books for a Book Woman event and had the best time!

A screenshot proving that ERika Larson follows me on Twitter.

That time ERIK LARSON followed me on Twitter !!

That Which Remains had a virtual launch on may 25, 2021

One good thing about a virtual book launch is that you can watch it anytime! This one had special guests, a tour of Wiesbaden and a dramatic reading.

A copy of That Which Remains on the shelf very close to The Book Thief

I will absolutely never get over seeing my books on a shelf in a bookstore.

A sign alerting the neighbors that I'm giving a talk

That time pre-pandemic when I gave a talk to the Burnet County library

Goodies I received from the McCulloch County library

I love donating books to small town libraries!

A photo of my very own Erika

An Erika typewriter like the one Anna uses

An adorable kitten sitting on a copy of That Which Remains

My books are loved by kittens.

My map of Wiesbaden

My map of Wiesbaden with places from the books marked so I know where everyone is.

A photo of the Landesmuseum from the street as it looks today

The Landesmuseum in Wiesbaden, which housed the Collecting Point, as it looked in 2010 when I visited.

Philip Kerr tolerates my fangirling

Me with the late, amazing Philip Kerr, my favorite WWII mystery author.

A phot of Matt Damon and Cate Blanchett looking very Hollywood.

Matt Damon and Cate Blanchett in the 2014 Monuments Men film.

My cat Mabel sits on my work

Mabel is my desk cat.

A photo of the Wiesbaden Collecting point

Works by Old Masters at the Collecting Point. image:

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