Welcome, new readers, and thank you!

September 3, 2015 // Uncategorized

thanksI am delighted to report that more than 8,000 Kindle editions of The Roses Underneath were downloaded during the recent five-day giveaway. What a way to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the art delivery to the Wiesbaden Collecting Point! Thank you to everyone who shared and retweeted the giveaway to help spread the word. It  is thrilling to know the book has so many new readers.

Congratulations and thanks to retweeter @jennym1979,  who will receive a free copy of the audiobook.  If you are a new reader, please consider leaving a review on Amazon to let others know what you think of the book. And, for those interested, the audiobook is available to download at Audible.com, where you can also listen to an excerpt. A big thanks also to narrator Linda Joy, who does an amazing job of bringing the story to life.


About the author

C.F. Yetmen is a writer and consultant specializing in architecture and design. She is co-author of The Owner’s Dilemma: Driving Success and Innovation in the Design and Construction Industry and a former publisher of Texas Architect magazine. The Roses Underneath is her first novel.